Be Present, One Chance to Save America
#1 Join Your County Committee (County Party)
a. Find your County Party meeting day, time and location by calling Chair - ways to accomplish:
1. Go to District One Contact tab
2. Go to your State Party site
3. Additional resources to call to find meeting: Surrounding County Chairs, District Chair, State Party headquarters

b. Go to the meeting and ask to be nominated for membership.
The vote for membership will be at the 2nd consecutive meeting attended.

c. Don’t forget to file to be a member of your County Committee every 2 years during filing period (filing       period explained in #3.b.2. below) Form and any dues must be submitted to the Secretary of the County Committee during filing period.

#2 Be Present - One Chance to Save America
a. Attend every meeting - just your presence makes a difference!

b. Volunteer within the Committee - simple jobs that will help the Committee

#3 Run for County Party Office or Elected Office
 a. Run when it comes time to run for Party office within the County Committee and/or Elected office
OR find good candidates to run
OR support good candidates who are running by helping to elect them.

b. Election Information 
1. Party Office Elections usually occur during odd numbered years (except for a few offices and vacancies).   Party Offices List
2. To run to be on the ballot for elected office, you must file for office DURING filing period a few months   before the Primary. Elected Offices List  To find the filing period, call the Elections division Secretary of State’s office, contact info on

c. Steps to file for Elected Office as a Republican during filing period (Last week of Feb for 2022)
1.  Fill out forms
2. Submit filing fee for the particular office to the County Committee Secretary (or to State Party for State         Offices)
3. Submit filing fee receipt and notarized filing forms to County Clerk at the County Courthouse (or for         State Offices to the Secretary of a State’s office at the State Capitol)
4. Be sure you get the Candidate Information packet/handbook
5. Once filed, ask your fellow committee members for help to get elected!