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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

  Edmund Burke

Arkansas Republican Party District One and Two Meeting
All are Welcome!   Registration Link >  

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The 1st Congressional District, all 30 Counties stand up, speak out and face the oppressive forces of tyranny.  


The Coalition of Congressional Districts July 15, 2023

District One Chair Sarah Dunklin and District Two Chair Jennifer Lancaster, along with the support of District Four and We the People Patriots from across Arkansas and the country put together a full day meeting /event that was a historical success for Arkansas. 


Kari Lake said, "this Arkansas welcome was the biggest she's ever experienced".   The Warroom's "Rock Star"  Garrett Ziegler took the stage unveiling their research on the Hunter Biden laptop. Expert in election Integrity Mark Cook and a list of notable "who's who" in the America First Movement and a fired up crowd truly made history in political movements in Arkansas.

The 500 plus audience gave a full house standing ovation on the introduction of Sarah Dunklin running for Chair of the for Republican Party of Arkansas.


District One AR is a movement of passionate Constitutional Conservative Arkansans, along with supporters from around the country, focused on the urgency to get off the couch and make a positive difference by getting involved locally.


District One NEW Elected March_18_2023_.jpg

Thank you to everyone who ran for District positions. Congratulations to the newly elected 2023-2025 1st Congressional District Officers.

Back row: Bryan Norris, District Representative to State Committee; Barry Eggers, District Representative to State Committee; Gary Tobar, District Minority Chair; Michelle Graetz, District Treasurer; Dwayne Mays, District Minority Caucus Vice Chair; Charles Fuqua, District Vice Chair; Rebekah DeWitt, District 2nd Vice Chair; Jennifer Hopper, District Secretary; Erika Shields, District Representative to State Committee; front row: Courtney Roldan, District Representative to the Appointee Recommendations Committee; Dr Anita Wells, District Representative to the State Executive Committee; Sarah Dunklin, District Chair; Rev Matthew Hodges, District Representative to State Committee.

District One AR represent We the People, boldly standing up, speaking out and willing to fight to save America. The push back from the globalist establishment prove We the People are "over the target".   Our voice and actions are resonating with Patriots across America.  In the past few years, District One has made our voice loud and clear and we applaud those below who have boldly stood up and helped pass these RESOLUTIONS and united Arkansas constitutional conservatives in this fight for Freedom.

A few videos from our March 18, 2023 District One Meeting

America is at the precipice: our awareness and our actions will define our future.  


We are in a time unlike any in human history.

 Will we merely submit to our scripted fate, 



2022 Arkansas Map Congressional Districts_FINAL_skip.png

America is worth saving!

All Tyranny needs to gain a Foothold is for People of Good Conscience to remain Silent.
                                       - Thomas Jefferson

The World is waking up and standing up. Will we?



  • We will stand for our Constitution, Bill of Rights and our Platform      

  • Will we stand strong, unite and take positive action to Save America 

  • We will help educate everyday Americans on how to join County Committees, run for elected office and how to support fellow Constitutionalists in office. 

  • We will oppose evil that threatens our country, our communities, our families and our children.  

  • We will help enable power to return back to We the People

  • We Fight to SAVE BABIES - it is our #2 platform principle, "The Sanctity of Life".

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